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  • Ryan McMonagle

The Right Tool

My mother has, to this day, always reminded me that I need to "take time to sharpen the saws," and that is a very valuable piece of advice. They are words about balance, and care, and ensuring you have the faculties to handle the tasks at-hand. Compounding on that, I'd like to say that having the correct saws to sharpen is the horse to that cart.

I've never felt so good in completing a job as when I've completed a job that has gone smoothly. And the vast majority, if not all of those such jobs were done with the proper tools. If you'e ever been at a loss for a flat-head screwdriver when you've come across an old common slotted-head screw, you understand what I mean. You could give endless examples, and there is always a way to better design a tool for a given task, but suffice it to say that in the world of ergonomics, fighting with the wrong tool to do any job is enough to ruin the experience (and the mood) of the partaker.

I for one, seek to enjoy any job I do. My father has said, "work is not fun, work is work," and while I agree that sometimes you will have to do the things you do not want to, in order to succeed, I feel that if the majority of my waking hours are going to be spent working---a standard for work-a-holics like me--then I best seek to enjoy those hours. That said, simply choosing the right saw for the cut (and keeping it sharp), can make the process all the more worthwhile, and enjoyable.

Always, always, seek a better path, then take it. Get better. Be efficient, and then be efficient-er. But if you cannot do anything else, at least enjoy the work you do.

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