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  • Ryan McMonagle

Clutter is a Four Letter Word

Some days I can be a frantic, messy, and an anxious person. It has a lot to do with my overall wellness: Whether or not I'm sleeping well, eating well, and finding that ever-elusive balance. That said, I often find that I am most productive after I prepare to be productive. There is such a subtle wisdom to that concept, and you might read what I've written, and say, "Duh. That's so simple it's stupid. Everyone knows that." And you might be correct. However, knowing something, and putting that knowledge into action are rarely at hand in one swift movement.

I wake up in the morning, and I go about my day. The difference between finding peace, and finding my skin crawling is usually a matter of taking 20 minutes at the beginning to think. That's it. I am not meditating to find peace, or praying to God for strength or ease. I simply think about the day. What am I up against? What will it look like? I plan.

And often times what I come to is not a solution that will get me to the end of my day. It is a sorting effect, that helps me clear my mind of the overwhelming tasks which I will have to do, and then it whittles all of it away to help me to get to the first thing I have to do, and that gets me to the beginning of my day.

Be well, think, and be productive.

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